Nightmare Before Xmas 1

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Themed DTF gang sheets have a 48 hour turn around Monday through Thursday, orders placed after Thursday at 4:00pm (PST) will be ready to pick up no later than Tuesday afternoon. If you need a rush order or have a strict deadline, please contact us asap.

Please use this option to purchase/order Themed DTF gang sheets only.

16" x 60" 

No changes can be made to these Themed Gang Sheets. 


16" x 60"

DTF Transfers are suitable for any type and color of fabric. Must be applied with a heat press.



Ready to press  

320 Degrees for 15 seconds 

Warm peel


By placing my order I agree that: 

I have chosen above Themed DTF gang sheet to be printed. I agree to inspect my gang sheet upon delivery or pick up and prior to cutting down. I understand that my Themed DTF gang sheet order is a final sale order and will not be refunded.