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Transfer Club is OPEN‼️


1. The transfers club is good for sublimation, HTV, and white toner transfers. Custom orders and In Stock Transfers.

2. The Transfers Club is only open from the 1st – 3rd of each month. You may join on our website here:

3. Transfers Club Members receive one free Full Sheet White Toner Transfer ($12.50 value).

4. Transfer club members will receive priority printing, and one waived Rush Fee.

PLEASE NOTE: We only print general requests Monday-Thursdays. If you send us a transfer request at 3pm on a Thursday, it will not be ready before 3pm on the following Tuesday. THIS RULE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TRANSFERS CLUB EXCEPT THAT WE HAVE NOT BEEN ENFORCING IT. WE WILL NOW BE ENFORCING IT TO MAKE BETTER USE OF OUR TIME.

Bottom line – if you want quick prints, you have to join the club from the 1st – 3rd of the month or you will have to wait 48 hours.

5. TRANSFER CLUB MEMBERS for White Toner Transfers will receive $10 full sheet (approx..11x17) images. They will pay $5/$7.50/$10 for images based on size. Customers who are not part of the transfers club will pay the following prices based on image size and be subject to a longer waiting period $7/$9.50/$12.

For HTV Transfers TRANSFERS CLUB MEMBERS will pay $5 for regular size (approx 8.5x11) and $7.50 for large transfers. Customers who are not part of the transfers club will pay $6 and $8 and be subject to a longer waiting period.

TRANSFERS CLUB MEMBERS will receive complimentary editing services such as image ganging, color changes, cropping, or other editing services. Customers who are not part of the transfers club will need to gang their images, or pay for separate sheets. Editing services are available for a fee, please contact us for specifics about your order. We’re happy to help!

We understand this may not make sense for you. That’s okay! If you’re a person who makes large transfer purchases, it absolutely makes sense. Let us know (during business hours, please) if you have questions!