Direct to Film Transfers (DTF)

What is a direct-to-film transfer?

Direct-to-film (DTF) printing is a heat-transfer based print process. The process begins by printing designs onto a transfer film, which is then covered with a thermo-adhesive powder and transferred with a heat press to the final substrate.

Traditional transfer printing been around for ages, and specifically used in the heat transfer or sublimation print markets. So what are the benefits of DTF over other heat transfers? There are a few actually, and they are significant:

  1. DTF allows for transfers to light and dark colored shirts (due to white DTF ink).
  2. DTF results in more breathable prints, smooth to touch, and flexible.
  3. DTF does not require weeding out the image on the transfer.
  4. DTF results in more vivid colors. 


Ready to press  

330 degrees

20-25 seconds

firm pressure

warm peel (let stand for 30 seconds)